What is a Hyalgan Injection?

At Arthritis Care of Texas in Dallas, we offer a variety of services for those suffering from arthritis. We want to provide you with high-quality healthcare and work with you to address your pain. One of the services we provide at our office is Hyalgan injections.

What is Hyalgan?

Hyalgan is a medication used to treat knee pain for people who have osteoarthritis in their knees. This treatment is typical with patients who haven’t responded to other treatment such as pain medication and physical therapy, and who want to avoid surgery. Hyalgan is an injected substance that replaces synovial fluid, the naturally occurring substance that cushions your knees. Hyalgan acts as a shock absorber and lubricant. This helps your knees move smoothly and can decrease pain.

How does the treatment work?

Hyalgan is injected directly into your knee. This procedure is performed by medical specialists professional and is something that we offer at our office in Dallas. Many patients report little or no pain during the treatment. If you have concerns your doctor can answer questions and discuss what to expect.

For effective treatment, most patients will need between three to five treatments of Hyalgan. Often, the treatments are made after you are given a medication is given to numb the injection site.

While the injections are not any patient’s favorite part, for many people they bring pain relief in their daily life. The positive impacts for patients are often long-lasting, and they can increase the quality of life for many people. Every patient is different, but Hyalgan injections have helped many individuals find relief from pain and return to the activities they enjoy.

Results are improved when doctors use a cutting-edge technology called live-motion imaging fluoroscopy. This allows doctors to see inside the knee, so the medicine is carefully placed where it can do the most good.

Should you consider getting Hyalgan injections?

Often, people try other methods first to get relief from knee pain. This includes the use of pain medications, exercise, and physical therapy. Knee specialists can assess your situation and determine the treatments that will work best for you. There is no cure for osteoarthritis, but there are ways to manage your knee pain. Hyalgan treatment is often one of the best options. It can help you continue to enjoy the activities you like.

How long does the treatment usually take to work?

It depends on the person. For some people, they notice improvement quickly. The amount of time it takes to work and the effectiveness of the treatment can vary from person to person depending on many health factors.

If you are dealing with osteoarthritis and have knee pain, a Hyalgan injection could be an effective method of treatment for you. At Arthritis Care of Texas in Dallas, we offer free knee screenings to evaluate your condition and recommend appropriate treatment options.