Tips for Staying Pain Free During the Holidays


The holidays are fast approaching. This means family, friends, food, traveling, decorating, and shopping. Although it’s the most exciting time of the year, the increased activity and stress can intensify chronic pain.  While you work your way through your holiday shopping list, you may miss hints from your body to slow down. As you gear up for the holidays, make sure to pace your body in order to keep your knee-pain under control.

 Tips for Staying Knee-Pain Free

  • Travel Safely

The stress that can often accompany traveling can

add physical discomfort and worsen joint symptoms. However, with proper planning you can reduce pain and anxiety during your holiday travels. Avoid long lines and congestion by traveling a few days before and after the holidays. Furthermore, a travel buddy or assistive devices, including a cane or walker, can make traveling easier. Also, stock up on heat wraps or portable ice packs to combat pain and stiffness.

  • Shop Smart

During holiday shopping, it’s essential to listen to your body to prevent pain from worsening. Take breaks every 45 minutes, wear comfortable shoes and clothing, and have a friend or family member help you carry the heavy bags.

  • Remain Healthy

On days that aren’t spent celebrating with friends and family, make sure to eat in moderation and exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Although diet and exercise is imperative to a healthy lifestyle, don’t stress about slacking a little during the holidays.

Enjoy the Holidays

At Arthritis Care of Texas, we want you to enjoy the festivities, but stay safe as well. If you’re looking for pain relief this holiday season, follow our three simple yet effective tips. If you’d like to schedule your free screening, contact us today at (469) 399-5673.