Here's What Our Patients Have to Say About Arthritis Care of Texas

Patricia H.

“After completing treatment at Arthritis Care of Texas, I came away feeling relief. When I started there I was badly limping due to pain in my knees. Over the course of my treatment, I have experienced a marked improvement in the pain level and flexibility. The physical therapy was extremely beneficial. The staff was helpful and professional and answered all my questions. There is no doubt in my mind that the treatment was beneficial and has improved my quality of life.”

Marsha E.

“Before I came to Arthritis Care of Texas, I had been told I would never have relief from the excruciating pain in my knees without knee replacement. However, after the treatment and physical therapy at Arthritis Care of Texas, I can now walk properly without pain! I climbed stairs last week for the first time in a year. I am no longer using the handicap parking spaces. I now can stand up and walk without any pain. Thank you Arthritis Care of Texas! You have given me a new life.”

Lillian G.

“When I came to Arthritis Care of Texas, my knees were so stiff I was shuffling along, having to hold onto something or someone for security a great deal of time when walking, because of balance problems. The staff does everything in a professional manner, from the practically painless injections to the therapy geared to the individual’s needs. Yet the prevailing atmosphere is that the process of getting well can be fun. Studies have shown that a large percentage of the healing is due to a positive attitude. I’ve been rejoicing when a goal is reached. As a result of the extensive therapy, I have improved greatly and I feel more confident walking in a steadier pace. Now, I am banking on finding that the fluid in my knees has increased, and the arthritis diminished to the point I will not need knee replacements.”

John S.

“I would like to introduce you to Arthritis Care of Texas and tell you what they have done for me. I went to them with two knee problems, pain, and great weakness in my knees. I filled out the paperwork. He checked my paperwork, talked to me, then took x-rays of both knees. They then advised me I was a good candidate for their knee treatments. I was delighted to hear the good news. They set up appointments for five injections and fifteen therapy treatments. The injections have gone very well. The procedure is great, as the exact point of entry to the joint shows on their video fluoroscopy. I have had four injections and ten therapy treatments. My knees are working properly and my pain has improved 99%. Thank you Arthritis Care of Texas!”

Dorothy N.

“I read an article in the newspaper on Arthritis Care of Texas and thought maybe it would help my right knee, helping me avoid surgery. I called the next morning and setup an appointment. I found out I was a candidate and started the treatment. They explained to me that after 5 weeks of treatment I should begin to get relief and it could take six weeks for constant relief. After the first injection, the constant pain in my right leg was gone. I had no pain at night which I was [previously] experiencing every night. I am amazed at the results I am getting and I am so thankful I read the article and followed through with the appointment.