Running with Knee Osteoarthritis: What You Need to Know

Knee osteoarthritis doesn’t have to stop you from running. In fact, it can actually reduce knee pain. However, before beginning a new running regimen, there are a few considerations to make in order to remain pain-free when running with knee osteoarthritis.

Listen to Your Body

Prior to starting any fitness program, it’s important to listen to your body for any pain signals and know when to slow down. We recommend working with our doctors and keeping a journal to keep track of your progress as well as any factors that may be causing you pain.

Quality Running Shoes

One of the most important factors in managing knee pain during running is wearing proper footwear. The right shoe can help minimize pain while making a substantial impact on function and mobility.  Several brands offer a variety of running shows with different widths and features. However, research has shown that the flatter the shoe is the better.

Soft Running Surfaces

If possible, avoid running on hard surfaces, including concrete. Instead, run on softer surfaces, such as grass, dirt, gravel, or wood chips to minimize the shock placed on your knees.

Proper Form

Having proper form may make all the difference in your knee pain. Make sure to lean slightly forward and keep your knees bent to create a natural cushion. In addition, land with a heel to toe motion to reduce impact.

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