Protect your Knees on the Golf Course

Although golf is a low-impact sport, it can cause a number of injuries, including knee pain. Understanding the mechanics behind your golf swing and playing smart may help protect your knees from injury on the golf course.  Follow these tips to stay in shape while improving your golf game.

Adjust your Golf Swing

Repeated movement, such as a golf swing, can place significant stress on your knee joints. If you are experiencing discomfort, try adjusting your golf swing. Maintain an upright posture and turn your feet out slightly to reduce the amount of bending and pivoting.

Warm Up

Before teeing up, it’s necessary to warm up by stretching and hitting a few practice balls to minimize stiffness and maintain strength. Start slowly to work up to your desired level of activity in order to prevent strain. After your round of golf, perform gentle stretching and strengthening exercises.

Use Only Necessary Golf Clubs

Use lightweight shafts and perimeter-weighted heads to help absorb shock. Take only the clubs you’ll use to lighten the weight of your golf bag.

Wear Proper Footwear

Proper footwear is a necessity in golf. Opt for soft-spike golf shoes to help stabilize your swing and allow for traction when walking. Not only will your knees thank you, but your feet will too.

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