How to Exercise with Osteoarthritis

Exercising with osteoarthritis can seem like an intimidating idea. Many patients suffering from osteoarthritis fear that working out may cause more pain. However, through proper guidance and caution, exercise can be proven beneficial for the treatment of reducing pain. In fact, exercise is believed to be the most successful non-surgical treatment for reducing pain and improving range of motion for people suffering from osteoarthritis. Before starting a new exercise routine, we recommend speaking with our doctors about what specific workouts will be the most advantageous.

There are several exercises that are safe, yet effective. The following three kinds of exercises play a role in maintaining and improving your ability to move and function.


When performing strengthening exercises, you’ll begin to notice an improvement in muscle strength. Strong muscles can help support and protect joints that are affected by arthritis.


Aerobic exercise has numerous benefits. Not only does it make your lungs more efficient, but it also strengthens your heart. Furthermore, aerobic exercise controls weight, improves mood, and helps you sleep better. We recommend low-impact aerobic exercises that are easier on your joints, including walking, biking, or swimming.

Range of Motion/Flexibility

Range of motion exercises are focused on keeping the joints limber while relieving stiffness.  These exercises include bending and stretching forward, backwards, and to side to side.

Keeping up with a consistent exercise program will be sure to improve your overall health. If you continue to suffer from osteoarthritis, contact our team of medical specialists today begin your customized treatment plan.