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3 Ways to Get Joint Pain Relief As Winter Approaches

Winter makes relief from joint pain seem as evasive as warm spring days. However, just because the temperatures drop doesn’t mean your comfort levels need to drop as well. Getting real relief for your joint pain is possible. Our team at Arthritis Care of Texas will help you find healthy ways to manage your pain. … Continued

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The Best Foods for Improving Joint Health

You are probably familiar with the health benefits you receive from eating foods like fruits, vegetables, and grains. But did you know that healthy foods can also keep your joints healthy and minimize joint discomfort like inflammation, stiffness, or pain? Joint health is very important if you suffer from osteoarthritis. While NSAIDs can help relieve … Continued

Arthritis of the Knee

Five Tips for Living with Arthritis of the Knee

Over 100 million Americans suffer from knee and joint pain. A major cause of knee pain is osteoarthritis (OA), also known as degenerative joint disease or wear-and-tear arthritis, which most commonly occurs in the knee. OA happens when the cartilage that covers the joints break down and the amount of synovial fluid (which helps to … Continued

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What is a Hyalgan Injection?

At Arthritis Care of Texas in Dallas, we offer a variety of services for those suffering from arthritis. We want to provide you with high-quality healthcare and work with you to address your pain. One of the services we provide at our office is Hyalgan injections. What is Hyalgan? Hyalgan is a medication used to … Continued

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Exercising with Knee Pain

There is a principle that is adopted by athletes who make it to the professional realm. This truth is ingrained into their early training. It is something that helps them achieve a high level of physical intensity, conditioning, and confidence. The principle goes something like this. The sign of a true athlete is the ability … Continued

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10 Do’s and Don’ts for Managing Osteoarthritis Knee Pain

If you suffer from arthritic knee pain, then there are several ways to manage it to prevent discomfort. At Arthritis Care of Texas located in Dallas, we want you to understand osteoarthritis knee pain so that you can prevent additional damage to your joints, and learn how to manage the daily discomfort in the cartilage, … Continued

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The Stages of Osteoarthritis of the Knee

27 million Americans are living with osteoarthritis. Unfortunately, this number is expected to climb to 67 million by 2030. As we work to improve this number, we wanted to educate our patients on the stages of osteoarthritis, how it develops, and how we treat the condition. The Stages of Osteoarthritis Stage 1 During stage 1, … Continued

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Knee Osteoarthritis: When You Should See a Doctor

Osteoarthritis knee pain can be frustrating and unpredictable, and ignoring it will only make things worse. If you’re dealing with the pain and are unsure whether you should see a doctor, it may be time to take action. Take a look at our list of signs that your knee osteoarthritis needs professional help. 3 Signs it’s … Continued

Hyalagan Injections for the Knee

How Lubricating Injections can Ease Knee Pain

If you’ve been diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis, you’ve likely thought about your treatment options and what will bring you the most relief. Between medications, physical therapy, and surgery, it may seem like an overwhelming decision. At Arthritis Care of Texas, we make your decision easy by providing the most advanced technology to ease your knee … Continued

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Protect your Knees on the Golf Course

Although golf is a low-impact sport, it can cause a number of injuries, including knee pain. Understanding the mechanics behind your golf swing and playing smart may help protect your knees from injury on the golf course.  Follow these tips to stay in shape while improving your golf game. Adjust your Golf Swing Repeated movement, … Continued