Non-Surgical Knee Specialists in Dallas, Texas

At Arthritis Care of Texas, we are dedicated to providing the most efficient, non-invasive physical medicine treatments for patients suffering from arthritis of the knee. Our team of knee specialists in Dallas has helped thousands of patients relieve severe, chronic arthritic pain by utilizing guided pain injections alongside our state-of-the-art fluoroscopy x-ray to ensure accuracy. Our advanced techniques are FDA-approved and provide a level of arthritis care that cannot be replicated.

Say Goodbye to Knee Pain, Say Hello to Knee Pain Relief

Chronic arthritic pain can take a significant toll on your ability to accomplish everyday tasks. Many people suffering from arthritic pain think that surgery is their only option to live a pain-free life. At Arthritis Care of Texas, it’s possible to live free of arthritic pain. Through customized treatment plans, our knee specialists are able to address your discomfort and achieve your wellness goals. We offer several non-invasive options that will halt progression and improve overall joint function. Our highly skilled doctors understand the body’s biomechanics and can properly diagnose your pain and prescribe arthritis treatment modalities that fit your specific needs.

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